Ankara African Cotton Wax Print Fashion Malls


Posted on January 07 2018


I am sure there are quite a few Malls on the continent these days with contemporary African wax print or Ankara fashions, but I will be highlighting only a few of them. Namely Lekki phase 1 Mall on the Island and Ikeja city Mall on the main Land Lagos. They are both similar in that they have a constellation of various western boutiques such as M.A.C. makeup boutique, Mango boutique, Nike,Levi's and also other not so well known brands. They are both choice destinations for leisure, entertainment such as your latest Nigerian/Ghanaian movie releases, live music and off course shopping!!! You will also find industry giants such as Woodin, Daviva, and Vlisco for all your authentic wax print needs.

There is so much to enjoy on site, with a plethora of organic African meals such as moin moin, yam porridge, fried plantains, jollof rice, pounded yam and Egusi (pumpkin seed stew) fried chicken, Suya, and Asun. These can be found at Sumptous meals, Chicken Republic etc. For local pizzeria's,  Debonairs Pizza has great fresh variety and is as good as any here. Dominoes Pizza is also available at other locales. After Lunch, I visited the different shops and ended up doing some window shopping as the mall was closing within a few mins. Be sure to start early to take advantage of offerings or the day can be spent on one half of your planned activities, and a second or third day may be needed based on your needs.

 You can find local grocery supermarket Shoprite at the mall for all your fresh produce, as well as pharmacies and ATM's within the malls if you need cash. There is security at the malls, so its pretty safe. There are plenty of cabs outside the mall but for safety, I will recommend you have a cab for hire who will be waiting until you are ready or a registered uber driver.

Enjoy, happy shopping!

Coco Ako

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